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Roulette Books

Various books can help in improving roulette strategies. You can find out a lot about tips and tricks that can be helpful while betting. However, many books that cover the subject matter (roulette) but the beginners should deal with the books that cover basics of roulette while advanced are offered to deal with books that explore more appropriate roulette strategy.

You can always miss some important detail about the roulette strategy and the content of certain books can help you to manage at the roulette table. Te authors of these books studied roulette and researched in order to present the most important details about this popular game. Some of them explaine everything concerning roulette etiquette.

Books about roulette/casino roulette/online roulette

John Grochowski- 'The casino Answer Book'

John Grochowski is famous for this book in which he gives insight into casino games, roulette especially. Most important it covers the detail significant to beginners such as basics so more experienced in roulette cannot think of this book like particularly interesting.

Frank Scoblele-'Spin Roulette Gold'

This book is attractive and useful to both advanced and new to roulette. It is written as a guide through game in order to introduce players with the game and to improve the knowledge of the advanced roulette players. There is an addition about the numerical concepts and cheating strategies that are not recommended because of the consequences like prison.

John Patrick roulette- A Pro's guide to Managing Your Money and Beating the Wheel

This book is written in order to help the players to avoid waste of money in losing the game. The author describes roulette strategies that improve the chances to beat the wheel by making smart decisions therefore you will not end up with empty pockets. The book describes tips, manners of playing the game and actions that make you good player.

Marten Jensen-Secrets of Winning Roulette

In this Jensen's book there are various strategies written to be significant help in house play. He is the author that gathered both successful and unsuccessful methods and roulette strategies. Some of those unsuccessful strategies are described in order to be avoided.

Online roulette book of tips and tricks

Samuel Blankson-How to Win at Online Roulette

If you like to play online roulette or if you need to learn more about it this book is going to be very useful. The author did research and reviewed the best strategies how to beat game system. However, it concerns only online roulette therefore, it is good for everyone who needs to know more, even roulette diagrams.

These books are written by respectful authors and they might help much in distinguishing useful advice and tricks for playing roulette in real casino or more and more popular free roulette games online.

Roulette Doc

This very site is devoted to roulette. Here you can find all necessary information on this game and even play online roulette. Play Roulette game at Roulette Doc is really great - feels like real.

Gambling Planet

There are a lot of useful advises and explanation concerning the rules of the game or its online variant.

Roulette Rules

One should be well acquainted with the guidelines of how to play Roulette in America and how the rules differ when it's played in Europe.