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Roulette Variants

People that don't know much about the roulette game think of it as of the game where they just need to place their bets spin the wheel and wait for the outcome that brings joy. They do not know about the roulette variations offered both in online casino and in real roulette casino games. All variants frequently have detailed information in varied roulette books.

Roulette variations

European roulette/ American roulette

There is a slight difference in between these two. The European roulette is famous for its simplicity in playing. It has green "0" at the upper position of the table and it is attractive to every player because there a great chances for winning. On the other hand, the American roulette differs from European roulette in double "00" at the top of the table placed next to the "0". Still, its total rate is not as attractive as in European roulette.

French roulette

French roulette found base in European table. The rules of betting are all the same but the table is slight different. The bet is possible with the black, red, roulette odds and the numbers are spread over the grid up to the middle of the grid.

Racetrack roulette

Racetrack roulette is played with an extra box at the main grid and in this version of the roulette casino games you have clear insight of your combination. In this kind of the roulette the field circuit speeds up the bets but in the same time it is good to know that you are able to see the movement and the landing of the ball.

Mini roulette

The name of this game says a lot about it, it is mini in many ways but it reflects the most in numbers and options. It has less numbers and less bet options. Mini roulette is not frequently played; actually it is not as popular as other online casino games.

Roulette Doc

This very site is devoted to roulette. Here you can find all necessary information on this game and even play online roulette. Play Roulette game at Roulette Doc is really great - feels like real.

Gambling Planet

There are a lot of useful advises and explanation concerning the rules of the game or its online variant.

Roulette Rules

One should be well acquainted with the guidelines of how to play Roulette in America and how the rules differ when it's played in Europe.