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To win such independent variable game like Roulette solely depends on luck. The calculation of roulette odds is impossible without knowledge of strategies. Actually, playing roulette is similar to craps or lottery, except that most people consider it to be more 'respectable'. Gamblers find the tinge of excitement of roulette to be far higher because of the high odds - 35 times the bet placed. The roulette machine's red and black wheel has a bewitching effect as it spins dizzily; leaving its patrons mesmerized and under a strange spell, as it was. It's almost as if the spinning will never end, the spell also unending. While the results are completely random, roulette remains one of the easier casino games to understand, with easy-to-compute roulette odds.

European roulette has 37 slots while the American variety has one more (38) - the difference being the extra "double zero" slot in the American roulette machine. The numbers zero and one through 36 are common in both versions of the game. Zero and double zero signify what is called 'the house advantage', without which roulette game would become an 'even money' game and lose much of its charm. American roulette incorporates a house edge of 5.26%, almost double that of European roulette (2.7%).

For the European single 0 roulette wheels, there is a formula for computing the roulette odds for such house advantages, which is:

(35-36) / 37 x 100 = -2.70%

The formula for the American 00 roulette wheels is:

(35-37) / 38 x 100 = -5.26%

Payouts versus Roulette Odds


"00" odds (American)

"0" odds (European)


Single Number

37 to 1

36 to 1

35 to 1

Two Number Split

18 to 1

17.5 to 1

17 to 1

Three Number Street

11.67 to 1

11.33 to 1

11 to 1

Four Number Square

8.5 to 1

8.25 to 1

8 to 1

Five Numbers

6.6 to 1



Six Number Line

5.33 to 1

5.17 to 1

5 to 1


2.17 to 1

2.08 to 1

2 to 1


1.05 to 1

2.08 to 1

2 to 1


1.05 to 1


1 to 1


1.05 to 1


1 to 1

Low (1-18)

1.05 to 1


1 to 1

High (19-36)

1.05 to 1


1 to 1


1.05 to 1


1 to 1



1 to 1

The above chart depicts that both American and European roulette gives out the same payout, but European roulette when compared to American fetches more beneficial roulette odds. This is due to the single 0 slot present on the European roulette wheel, which is one less than the American. Most of the online casinos consider the European wheel as the standard wheel. Usually, almost all the games played via online casino gives better roulette odds when compared to the casinos, which are land-based. This is also applicable for the roulette games.

One of the most important tips is to avoid single-number and five-number bets mainly used in the American roulette. Such kinds of bets have vast difference between pay outs and odds.

Thumb rule is a very good rule and according to it, one needs to follow those bets, which have their payouts equivalent to the roulette odds they have. Such bets are also known as "even money bets". This rule proves quite true while staking on low numbers ranging from 1-18, high numbers from 19-36, odd, even, black and red. Such bets are regarded as solid bets as their payout is 1 to 1.

The casinos profit by house advantage; else they won't survive in this business. This profit can also be taken as the casino's share to sponsor the game. It is very evident that people often win in this game; otherwise nobody would bother to play it. Roulette is not necessarily a gambler's game, it can be regarded as a social game. This simple game has developed an excitement in people because of its strategies and odds.

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