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Lucky Charms – Attract Your Winnings!

Everybody in the casino is looking for a distinct edge up. Some players study the odds of certain hands in poker with the same diligence of a graduate student. Others master one game in particular and stick to that one indefinitely. However, there are some less concrete ways to get a leg up in the world of gambling. While the science of lucky charms and their ability to attract your winnings might be debatable, it definitely serves as a confidence booster. And sometimes that’s all you need. So let’s look at some classic lucky charms and click here to try them out.

Four Leaf Clovers

The ancient and classic symbol of luck, the four leaf clover started it all. The clovers themselves stand for hope, love, faith, and luck. While all four of those are wonderful things to have, luck is what you’ll be asking for most when you walk into a casino with a four leaf clover tucked into your pocket. Some people have them designed on their clothing, and others even get them tattooed on their body. While that level of dedication isn’t mandatory, it might just squeeze a little more luck out of them. Anything for a leg-up, right?

The Horseshoe

It might not be as mobile (or as subtle) as a four leaf clover, but a horseshoe can help attract your winnings just as much as the clover. Horseshoes are often hung or rubbed for good luck – maybe take one out in your hotel room before descending to the casino floor. As much as other gamblers might appreciate the gesture, the casino staff might not like to see you walk onto the floor with a horse shoe in your hand.

Fuzzy Dice

Striking a nice middle ground between the tiny four leaf clover and the giant horse shoe is the lucky dice. These little guys are big enough to make a scene when you take them out, but small enough to not draw any attention if you don’t want them to. While the fuzzy dice itself doesn’t call back into history as much as the other two, it’s still a nice way to try to attract your winnings.


Sometimes it’s nice just to have confidence. Everybody knows that stuffing a four leaf clover or a rabbit’s foot into your pocket isn’t going to make that Roulette wheel stop exactly where you want it to, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important. Oftentimes, confidence is half the battle. And if a little token of luck gives you confidence then it’s a good idea to keep it on you when you visit the casino floor.

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