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Roulette Glossary

Some roulette terms are mentioned he which you hear at the time of playing roulette on online. Making yourself used to with the roulette slang may help you settle on the wisest roulette bets and play roulette better at casino and internet. Here you can find all names of roulette variants, strategies, etc.

Action: This is a roulette bet. Here are the on hand roulette bets as well as their equivalent roulette meanings.

Ball:Little white plastic ball. Roulette wheel spins clockwise and the dealer counter-clockwise spins the ball. The pocket of the wheel, ball lands is the place where it rests showing the winning.

Biased Wheel: faulty wheel where picky numbers result frequently that possibility allows.

Black Bet: having a bet that the subsequently spin may be black.

Capping the stake: This is also known as Past Posting. This is placing added chips on winning one.

Column Bet: This is betting in any of the three columns. Columns are built in 12 numbers on table layout. You put your bets on the basis of straight line and winning bets give 2 to 1 basis.

Corner Bet: Having a bet on four numbers at the same time by placing chips in the corner where 4 numbered squares cross.

Croupier: Roulette dealer's French word.

Double Zero: This is Green number for American roulette wheels.

Dozen Bet: This is betting on twelve chronological numbers on table grid at a time.

European roulette: This is the roulette game through a wheel which holds 37 pockets as well as numbers 0 to 36. This European roulette proposes a lowered house edge while likening to American one, so the player raises chances.

Even Number Bet: This is having a bet that ball will place on any even number on next spin.

Even Money: This is a bet with 1 to 1 payoff. Black, Red, Odd, Even, High and Low are even money bets.

Five-Number Bet: Only in American roulette this bet is available. The player bets all simultaneously on 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 etc.

Flat Bettor: Player those who bets the equal amount every single time in the play.

High Bet: This is betting on 19 to 36. Even money is paid.

High-Low Bet: This is betting on either 1 to18 or 19 to36. Also even money is paid.

Inside Bet: This is betting on an exact number or a group of numbers inside the numbered network.

Layout: This is roulette table model on green surface viewing the various betting alternatives noticeable.

Line Bet: This is the betting that any 1 of 6 numbers in 2 rows chosen will be the victor.

Low Bet: This is the betting on 1 to18. Even money is paid.

Martingale Betting System: It involves paying even-money bets for the player and every loose make the bet double.

Pair: Another term for Even Bet.

Pay Out: This is the winnings equal to the player's earning.

Roulette layout: This is the numbered network with colors on roulette table where the players can place down the bets.

Roulette strategy: This is any technique players use to make big wins and to make a large profit.

Roulette system: A technique for players to help them in winning or reducing house edge at a time.

Single Numbered Bet: This is the betting on one number only. Winning bets will be paid 35 to 1.

Split Bet: This is the betting on 2 numbers at a time. Winning bets will be paid 17 to 1 each time.

Single-Zero Roulette: This is also called the European roulette

Three Number Bet: This is the betting on 3 numbers at a time. Winning bets will be paid 11 to 1. This is also called Street Bet in many places.

Twelve Number Bet: As Column Bet.

Wheel Head: This is the part of a wheel that contains the numbered pockets in Roulette table.

Wheel Roller: This is the person who spins wheel and ball. He is also named as Croupier or Dealer.

Zero: This is a green number on table layout. The European wheels contains one zero and American roulette wheels contains one zero and also a double zero.

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